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Selin grew up in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother.


It was her Turkish-Cypriot upbringing - studded with Sunday BBQ's, fresh breads from a wood-fired oven, and lashings of lemon - that inspired her love of delicious cooking.


Her daring interpretation of flavour takes cues from her heritage and food from around the world. More often than not, her cooking is served with a generous helping of smoke and fire.


She published her first cookbook, Oklava, in 2017, the same year in which she was one of four winning chefs on BBC’s Great British Menu.


Her second cookbook Three: Acid, Texture, Contrast was published in 2021.

With her restaurant Oklava (2015-2023), she embarked on a trailblazing journey to showcase the culinary potential of Turkish food.


She quickly established herself as an industry leader. Never one to shy away from difficult topics, she regularly speaks out about mental health and staff welfare in hospitality.

Ambitious and driven, Selin knows what it takes to make delicious food, run a tight ship in the kitchen, and make a hospitality business tick.

Follow what she's up to on her Instagram.

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