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Creative partnerships

Selin's open to working with like-minded individuals to create something truly delicious - whether it's on a single menu, a series of events, or a bold new hospitality concept. 


Selin brings to the table her practical experience in the hospitality business as well as her creative ability as a chef and restauranteur. It is the unique combination of the two that results in innovative concepts that tick: restaurants, menus and events that are as unique and forward-thinking as they are business savvy. 

No idea is too 'out there'. Get in touch with Selin at to discuss your vision.

Events and one-offs

Selin frequently travels across the world to cook at events, private dinners and pop-ups. She is open to weird, wonderful and wild ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind. 

She has previously cooked in a log cabin on the border of Norway and Sweden, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, and in a yurt on the Southbank.

Get in touch at to discuss your ideas.

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